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STR Markers

There have now been some 1,100 haplotypes collected from various public databases, SMGF and Surname Projects. Because of privacy concerns, I will only display the results from those participants who have lodged their results with a public database such as a FTDNA project or Ysearch or Ybase.

Besides the STR markers that I have already described as identifying our cluster, it now emerges that DYS716=24 for our cluster, while NO other clusters in R1b, or indeed any other haplogroup have values of 24. Truly a new defining marker for our cluster.

The STR markers of all those who have lodged their results in Ysearch or Ybase can be downloaded in these MS Excel spreadsheets.

Irish Type III STR Marker Results Excel 97 - 2000-2003

Irish Type III STR Marker Results Excel 2007-2010 (smaller file size)

Following is a chart showing values of the Y-DNA of markers 1 to 111 for the current participants in the L226 DNA project.